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How can I use the translation service? 
1. Get a quote
Send us the document that you want translated and we will respond within 24 hours with an estimated cost and completion date for your project.
2. Send payment
We will begin translating your document as soon as payment has been confirmed.
3. Translating
Discussion may be necessary to ensure the highest quality translation of your document. Please check your e-mail for questions from our translation team.
4. Proofreading
We will double-check and proofread all website and app translations once they go live – free of charge!

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the translation done for me?
We guarantee your satisfaction. Please get in touch via our Contact Us page, and we will do our best to rectify the issues, and deliver top quality results.

Can I get discount on the translation services? 
Yes. We offer volume discounts for documents over 10,000 words. Send us the document you need translated, and we will provide an estimated price and completion date within 24 hours.
Don't forget to check the 'Promotion Board’ on our pricing page to see what deals we have for you!

What are the differences between machine and human translation services?       
Machine Translation
Advantages: Free and fast – It’s easy to find free and fast translation services on the Internet. Your translation can be done with minimal effort and zero wait time.
Disadvantages: Non-natural translation - Current technology is unable to output translations which are fluent and natural, and machines are unable to understand the nuances of language. Moreover, machine translation services have no connection to the client or the work, making it impossible for them to understand the target audience and purpose of the text.

Human Translation Services from ENGKOR.com
We are happy to discuss your project before we begin translating / localizing the content. This important step will result in a higher quality translation, providing you with top notch results. Your content will be translated and proofread by professional, native Korean translators within the quoted timeframe.

The speed and cost of our translation services gives you a competitive edge over those who simply settle for work done by a machine. Not only do we create Korean language content that is fluent and natural, but we also pay special attention to text optimization helping you appear above your competitors in search results.


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